As part of this morning’s breakfast, I ate a sugarplum.

Did you know sugarplums were real? I didn’t, until I was shopping at Trader Joe’s on Wednesday. Saw the little container, seven sugarplums for $1.99, and my curiosity got the better of me.

Tried one for the first time this morning, and damn, that is precisely the sort of sweet fruity awesome that is, in vision form, liable to dance in one’s head.

Guess that ol’ poem was right.


2 Responses to Sugarplums

  1. kayak woman says:

    So late to comment but..

    I don’t know what TJs was selling but I remember eating what we called sugar plums off of bushes on our L. Superior property when I was a kid. They were purple berries. (They’re still there.) I think they were also called service berries by the older generation — my grandparents, who are long dead.

    • Cap Khoury says:

      Are you talking about these?

      They sound delicious, but there’s definitely not what I bought from TJs. The fruit about which I was raving is much more like a standard plum. After your comment, I’ve been trying to figure out what, exactly, I bought. Mysteriously, even after I can’t seem to identify these things. All the box says is “California sugarplums”.

      I know they’re yummy, though. I bought another box.

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