The Informant!

Today I happened across a banner ad for an upcoming movie.  Not only did it not bother me, it made me very happy.  Why not check out the trailer for The Informant?

And why did this bring me so much pleasure?  Because I have read the book on which the movie is based, The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald.  It’s a true story that reads like the very best fiction.  Though you might not believe this about a book about the details of prosecuting a company for price-fixing, it’s a page-turner!

Now, it is a long book, and if you’re anything like me you probably have a couple dozen books you’ve been meaning to read for some time now, and there’s nothing I could say that would convince you to jump The Informant over all those other books that made it on your list first.  So instead I’ll recommend the episode of This American Life based on the same book, The Fix is In.  It lasts less than an hour, so you’ve got time.  It’s a great audio ride.  It’s not like I keep a tally or anything, but this is probably the episode of TAL I’ve gone back and relistened to more than any other.

So go listen to that radio show.  If you like it enough to read a book, you won’t be sorry.  Either way, cross your fingers for the movie.  Here’s hoping!


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