There and Back Again

In some ways it’s hard to believe that a full workweek has elapsed since I returned with my family from Disneyworld last Saturday.  Even harder to believe, though, is that I was only gone a week.  We filled those 7 days and 6 nights with so much Disney magic that my sense of time and space is permanently distorted.
When we went to our usual Sunday breakfast joint, a mere eight days after we had been there last, it felt like we hadn’t been there in a month.
I attribute this to the seven hundred hours my wife logged on Disney forums trying to make everything about the trip perfect.
To the best of my ability to reconstruct, this was our itinerary.
  • Sunday
    • left the house at 5 in the morning to get to the airport (thanks to Kathy and Doug for the ride and to Tim Horton’s for the coffee)
    • flew to Orlando (getting through security and flying with two children went much better than one might expect)
    • Magical Express to check in at the hotel
    • lunch at the Pepper Market (a cafeteria-style place at our resort, I had one of the greatest Philly cheesesteaks ever)
    • Animal Kingdom, where we took a safari, met a Zen master monkey, and saw the same parade twicely
    • then, to Epcot, where we walked right on to Spaceship Earth (among other things)
    • dinner at Nine Dragons, an excellent Chinese joint in the China part of Epcot’s world (there really are nine dragons, by the way, jade ones)
    • a bit more Epcot, then back to the resort
  • Monday
    • Character breakfast (with Belle and four other princesses) at Akershus, in the Nordic patrt Epcot’s world, a terrific European buffet breakfast
    • grand tour of Epcot under
    • lunch (with German music and so many sausages) at Biergarten in Germany
    • Cooldown at the resort
    • Magic Kingdom, which was NOT crowded and we got a lot of exciting rides done rapidly
    • Wishes! fireworks display
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast at the Maya Grill, buffet-style at our resort
    • Magic Kingdom right when it opened, once again hitting all the big-ticket rides before the lines went crazy, our stay including
    • Lunch in Adventureland, quickservice, I had barbecue pork
    • Cooldown at the resort
    • Dig Site, the resort pool
    • Back to the Magic Kindom!
    • Dinner in Tomorrowland
    • Wishes Fireworks, as viewed from right that little circle in front of the castle!
  • Wednesday, the day to end all days (even though it was in the middle of the vacation)
    • Winnie the Pooh breakfast (an astonishing buffet including cinnamon-covered fried french toast, and where I finally tried quinoa)
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where the food was unexpectedly good.  I had salmon with ginger-garlic sauce and Jasmine rice.  get it, Jasmine rice?  (I didn’t get it until about half an hour after we left)
    • Resort Cooldown
    • Typhoon Lagoon water park
    • Downtown Disney
    • Goofy’s Candy Shop
    • dinner at the Earl of Sandwich
    • getting in the epically huge world of disney store
  • Thursday
    • breakfast at the Pepper Market
    • Hollywood Studios
    • lunch at Sanaa, a terrific Indian restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  oh, the bread, oh the chutney, of the curried shrimp
    • Blizzard Beach
    • back to Epcot to walk the whole “world” once and for all, where Susie finally got her almond pretzel
    • back to the Magic Kingdom one last time
    • Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party, where we saw
    • the Spectramagic parade
    • Wishes fireworks, burning it into our brains once and for all
  • Friday
    • Supercalifragilistic Breakfast at the Grand Floridian – (Mary Poppins, Pooh, Tigger, Alice, and the Mad Hatter)
    • Datura’s pirate adventure (no parents allowed!)
    • Hollywood Studios, where I finally got to the Muppets 3D show, and Datura finally got to the Ariel’s story
    • Lunch at Pizza Planet (where I restrained the urge to play Pirates of the Caribbean pinball)
    • More Hollywood Studios
    • Downtown Disney
    • Dinner at Raglan Road, a nifty gourmetish-but-still-authentic Irish pub
  • Saturday

    • Breakfast at the Maya Grill buffet again, even without a reservation
    • Animal Kingdom, including the weird dino-land park and lots of snacking
    • Dig Site Pool
    • one last trip to the gift shop
    • Magical Express back to the airport
    • flying home, and we’re all asleep in our own beds by midnight

Just looking back on how long it took me to type all that up, I am struck by how much happened in one week.


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