Water Parks . . . OR . . . But It Doesn’t Taste Like a Blizzard!

Perhaps the most unexpected high point of the trip to Disneyworld were the two trips we made to the water parks (Typhoon Lagoon, home of an epic wave pool, and Blizzard Beach).  It wasn’t so much that we needed to get out of the heat (though perhaps that need was more urgent for my wife and/or children than it was for me) as it was how much everyone enjoyed it simultaneously.

The children both had swimming lessons a few months back (yes, both of them), and it was pretty obvious that they were time well spent.  Gabriel (whom I held onto at all times) evidently remembered what he had learned in the pool, because he right away took to kicking and splashing and everything that the baby swim class had done.  He even spontaneously blew bubbles in the water (which was the one part of the swim lesson he had refused to do back when there were lessons).  Datura seemed to be able to spend endless amounts of time on the kiddie water slides.

A favorite for my wife and I is always the low-key innertube rides where you can just drift lazily around the whole thing.  I recall a trip we made to Cedar Point (before we were married), where did several laps around the water park and discussed the feasibility of having an innertube moat installed around our house (which still seems like a good idea to me).  Yes, Gabriel did this too.  The first time, I just held him and walked (the water was that shallow) with an innertube irrelevantly floating around me, drifting from side to side sometimes when carried by imaginary current.  The second day he was braver, so I just lay on the innertube and let him lie on my chest.

But I have to admit I found Blizzard Beach rather distracting.  I mean, a skiing-and-freezing-themed water park?  It’s disquieting to see a bunch of people in bathing suits by pictures of polar bears on slides.  Isn’t hypothermia a bad water park theme?  My wife says it works because it’s unexpected.

Is that really the main criterion?  Does this mean we could have a salad-themed water park?

Or does it just mean I have turned into the Apple Jacks dad?


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