Where are the Cows?

I have been a great fan of Robert Abbott for some time through his outstanding site http://www.logicmazes.com, but I am a relative latecomer to his 1997 book SuperMazes, which I found here on his site.  One of the mazes from the book is included, but more intriguing is the reference to the hardest maze in the book, Where are the Cows?

This puzzle originally appeared in Scientific American 1966, and it has been called the hardest logic maze of all time.  And you’ve gotta love a puzzle with a name like “Where are the Cows?”

Well, if you’re anything like me, you can’t resist an implicit challenge like that.  So if you’re bored on a Tuesday, follow the links below.  Good luck!

If you want to see it as it appeared in print, go here.

If you’d prefer a version you can play online, go here.

And if you solve it (or have solved it in the past), post boastful comments!


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