Back for the New Year!

Ah, WordPress. So nice to see you, right where I left you back in December.

Perhaps my holiday-motivated hiatus was longer than I intended it, but it’s a new semester and now I’m back. I think of 2009 as a sort of “dry run” for my blogging activities, and I’m had plenty of time now to figure out what I think is working and what I want to change.

Some changes are visible already — most obviously, I finally switched from the default theme, but that’s not all I have in mind. I’m not at all sure I’m content with the new theme though; it’s entirely possible that most of my hesitation comes from the fact that the new theme is called “Contempt”.

There are a dozen or so new links in the sidebar, some broken ones removed, and new link categories. (The new link category “Puzzles” can easily eat up days of your time if you let it.) I’m working my way toward getting all the links I want to share posted, but I find that I run out of attention span fairly quickly when managing my WordPress links. The link manager is awfully click-and-reload intensive So I’ll grow my blogroll a few links at a time.

On that note, does anyone know of any browser extensions, greasemonkey scripts, etc., to make wordpress link management a little more convenient? I’d settle for something that makes it a lot more convenient.

Happy New Year, everyone, even if it is one week belated! Have fun in the blogosphere, and don’t get hurt. Remember, I’m pulling for you, we’re all in this together.


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