NAA Link: When Intuition And Math Probably Look Wrong – Science News

22 August 2010

When Intuition And Math Probably Look Wrong – Science News.

Great article on probability, math, intuition.  Wish I hadn’t read it justafter my Probability classes ended.


NAA Link: Math Buskers Juggle Numbers On English Streets

15 August 2010

Well this is interesting.

Math Buskers Juggle Numbers On English Streets : NPR.

NAA Link: 20 Moves Or Less Will Solve Rubik’s Cube

14 August 2010

20 Moves Or Less Will Solve Rubik’s Cube : NPR.

Unfortunately, as happens so often with NPR math stories, the actual content falls rather short of the potential.  I say something on the math of this story over here.


If you’ve never heard of Looney Labs, the company of the person interviewed here, check out their website.  Several of their games are on my favorites list.

CW: Two Problems

12 August 2010

New at Cap’s Whiteboard, two amusing (open) problems I learned about recently.


CW: counting result on Apollonian spheres

12 August 2010

Made some progress on some of the math problems I’m working on.  Results announced over at Cap’s Whiteboard.

Permalink: Progress! (Apollonian Sphere Packings)

CW: my MathFest2010 talk

12 August 2010

In case anyone interested hasn’t seen them yet, the slides for the talk I gave at MathFest are over at Cap’s Whiteboard, along with some references.

Permalink: Cap’s MathFest2010 Talk

CW: Cutting a rectangle into smaller rectangles

3 August 2010

This time on Cap’s Whiteboard, a quickie gem about combinatorial geometry. Is it possible to start with a rectangle, neither of whose sides has integral length, and cut it into smaller rectangular pieces, each of which has at least one integral side?

It has been said (by the mathematician Alain Connes) that you cannot understand the integers unless you understand this.

Permalink: Rectangles with an Integral Side Length